Work With Me

I am happy to work work with people and brands who I feel represent Curried Cantaloupe in the best way possible. If you believe your company or project could be a great fit for my site, please contact me with a brief e-mail introducing yourself, your brand, and your ideas.

Sponsored posts

If you’re the right fit for my site, I’d be happy to let readers know about new products that might be beneficial to them! Both you and my readers can count on an honest, unbiased review of whatever you’d like ¬†talked about!

Product Review and Giveaways

Bold new flavors? Useful new products? Gift cards? If you can get it to me, I’ll happily get it to my readers.

Ad Space

Ad Space is available in varying sizes and placements throughout my blog. Please contact me for rates. Again, only above-the-table operations here…

Freelance Writing

I love talking to an audience. I love expressing myself through written communication. I’ll pour myself into doing research on whatever it is that you might need written. If you are looking for a freelance writer with lots of spunk and enthusiasm, we can arrange for something to appear somewhere other than Curried Cantaloupe.

Recipe development

My love of cooking is the number one reason I got into blogging. Through the creation of my site, I have become more active in the recipe creation process and almost all of the recipes featured on Curried Cantaloupe are either my own creation or adaptations of recipes by other fabulous bloggers. I would be delighted to spend a few hours, days, or even weeks in the kitchen on your behalf. Believe me, there’s absolutely nothing I’d love more.

Food Styling and Photography

Besides cooking and traveling, food photography is fast becoming something I am deeply passionate about. In the time this blog has been up and running, my food photography has improved leaps and bounds. Today, I am proud of the work that I do and would be happy to do some for you, too.

Etc., etc.

If you can think of any other ways for us to collaborate, please send me an email at curriedcantaloupe at gmail dot com