Exotic Dragon Dessert

I haven’t had an oven for the last month that we’ve been in China. I knew that I wouldn’t have one right away when we decided to come over here, but I didn’t quite realize how much I miss it.

Don’t get me wrong-it has put me back in touch with my inner stir-fry goddess (the one that used to get creative because she didn’t eat meat)-and I’ve discovered a couple of cooking techniques and flavors that my family really enjoys.

But, not having an oven really does limit your dessert power. And I like me some dessert, so I was in a bit of a sticky situation Yes, I am giggling right now. You have the permission to roll your eyes.

So, I had my darling hubby grab some dragonfruit and oranges when he went shopping.

By some miracle, he had also found some mixed fruit jam (??) and we had cinnamon sticks and ginger.

A fresh and light, easy to make, sweetly acidic dessert was born. And I got to see just how elegant adding one, exotic piece of fruit can make a dessert.

DSC_0635 See, isn’t it puuurty?

I think with some pineapple or kiwi, this dessert would be dinner party ready. But until then, it’ll be a way to satisfy my hankering for the perfect end to a weeknight family dinner.


-1 Dragon Fruit

-1-2 oranges

-1 TBS fresh baby ginger chopped finely

-2 sticks of cinnamon

-¼ c jam (I used ‘mixed fruit’ with was orange and tasted like a cross between peach and pineapple)

-½ c water

good dragon fruit bowl


Cut your fruit into bite-sized pieces. Set aside.

Then in a small pot, on medium heat add jam and water, stir together and then add ginger and cinnamon. Let it come to a simmer, stirring frequently, then lower heat. You can let it cook until the sauce thickens up slightly.

I wanted it to stay semi-liquid. I’ve been trying to create my own recipes, but I’m still pretty horrible at checking the time, I’ll admit. I generally eyeball it. I’d probably say somewhere between 7-15 minutes will do the trick. You want the mixture to be the consistency of a glaze.

Then, take a sieve and drain the cinnamon and ginger from hot liquid, which I still don’t add to the fruit. Instead, I let it cool in a small bowl. If you use baby ginger, you can actually add some of the ginger back in with a spoon. I personally like fresh ginger. Not everyone does, and if you don’t have baby ginger (no thick skin) sometimes it’s not very enjoyable to chew the fibrous pieces.

When the liquid has cooled off, add it to your fruit. You can serve it right away or let it sit for 30 minutes-24 hours. I also think this would be delicious over vanilla ice cream.

good dragon fruit bowl2

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