30-Minute Mapo Tofu

This 30-Minute Mapo Tofu Recipe is bursting with texture and flavor. Here's a meal that's packed with calcium and protein that won't break the bank.

I find it strange that so many of the people I have met say that this is a dish that is hard to make. Not only is this a dish with humble origins, but rumor has it, an old, pock-marked lady created this dish upon being surprised with a visit from a hungry traveler who […]

Chengdu-Style Zha Jiang Mian

You may already know this dish's distant cousin who hails from Beijing. I'd like to introduce you to it's lesser known (but equally delicious) cousin who lives in almost every noodle shop in the area. Give Chengdu-Style Zha Jiang Mian a try. It's smooth, nutty aroma and slight spiciness are sure to give Beijing's treasure a run for its money!

Sometimes I don’t know how to translate my Chinese recipes. This is the perfect example of that. You see, on the menus in the local noodle shops, almost all of them have Za Jiang Mian, a delicious tossed noodle dish made with tahini paste (or unsweetened peanut butter), soy sauce, red oil, and a few […]

Mushroom Baozi

Baozi is one of the most delicious savory breakfasts you can imagine eating. This steamed bun is stuffed with mushrooms, Chinese pickles, seasonings, and a very delicious sauce. It's time to make your morning meal a little more interesting!

Does anyone else here barter with their significant other? A typical Sunday morning dialog in our room as we groggily open our eyes to our son’s bubbly face goes something like this: “Oh no…we don’t have any bread in the house.” “I think there is some flatbread in the freezer.” “Or you could go for […]

Dan Hong Gao (Sichuan Stuffed Pancakes)

This Chinese stuffed pancake is a pillowy snack that is filled with crushed peanuts, sesame seeds, and sugar. Pancakes at 4 PM anyone?

People often say that you get up on the right side of the bed…or the wrong side. I’m not buying it. Breakfast is what determines my state of mind for the day. Hurry me through my coffee (x2), give me a hot chocolate with no froth, serve me STALE baguette…and you’re bound to see a […]

Red Oil Wonton Soup or Chao Shou 抄手

Light your taste buds on fire with an authentic Sichuan noodle dish...Chao Shou, or Wontons in English served with a firey chili oil broth. Don't worry, the beauty of the recipe is that you can adapt the spice to suit your style. #asianrecipes

If you’re new to Sichuan cuisine, let me tell you something about it. It’s hot. Like spicy hot. And sometimes, it’s aggressively hot. But that’s what the Sichuan peppercorn is for, folks. It tramples all over hot and leaves you feeling a bit numb from the experience. You walk away wondering, “What just happened here?” […]

Greek Yogurt Curried Chicken and Pineapple

Try this Curried Greek Yogurt Chicken & Pineapple for an easy baked dinner the whole family will enjoy! Ready in 45 minutes!

Eating seasonally isn’t something I do all of the time. It’s not that I don’t like eating seasonally or anything. I mean, I come from a family of gardeners. We were made to weed between the green bean plants when I was young. If we accidentally pulled up the corn plants instead of the dandelions, […]

How To Make a Chinese Hamburger (aka Rou Jia Mo)

These Rou Jia Mo sandwiches are sometimes called a Chinese hamburger. They're made using a versatile flatbread recipe and a braised pork belly filly. Don't forget cilantro and chilies! #chineserecipes

Or a Rou Jia Mo. Or a Chinese pulled pork sandwich. Whatever you choose to call it, I can guarantee your comfort food repertoire will never be quite the same again. My first encounter with the bread part of this sandwich was last year, right around the time it got cold, and I was temporarily […]

15 Minute Asian Meatballs

15 Minute Asian Meatballs (6 of 7)

I love a good meatball. It’s a game changer guys (try hitting a home run if someone throws you one of these bad boys…you’ll be too busy licking your fingers to step up to bat). I mean…what’s for dinner? Not pasta…again. Not hamburgers or tacos (although I’m always down for a good taco…I just wish […]

Salted Chili Pepper Eggplant

This is a simple, roast eggplant salad with lots of chilies, scallions, and a little sesame oil for flavor.

I first wrote this post a week ago…I didn’t even think to wish anyone a happy Chinese New Year! All right, I’m guessing most of you don’t celebrate Chinese New Year…but it’s still fun to wish people a happy new year, so I thought it was worth mentioning. May you all have a joyful and […]

Xiang La Tu Zi//Hot and Spicy Rabbit #SundaySupper

Szechuan Hot & Spicy Rabbit - Curried Cantaloupe

Or chicken. Or beef. The theme of this week’s Sunday Supper is Hometown Food (hosted by Coleen over at The Redhead Baker). No, I’m not Chinese. Just take a look at my About Me blurb (over there, to your right): I’m a bit taller and blonder than most Chinese women I know. But as an […]