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This is my very first post in the big, somewhat intimidating world of food blogging, but I am proud to say that it was the awesomeness of this recipe that was just begging to be shared that finally pushed me to publish something.

Now, this is not a post about blogger Christine. It is a recipe, so how about a proper food introduction?

The French love to use fruit in an open-faced pie form. France, as well as many countries in Western Europe also love to use almonds, marzipan and almond cream in their pastries. One of my favorite morning splurges is the Almond Croissant-although I haven’t had one since the cold, drizzly winter months. Now, this recipe is not really a pie, but I’m not sure I’d classify it as a it’s going to be called a fruit tarte-I think the lovely color contrasts and swirly design make a poignant case for such a frilly name.

It reminded me of something I might get in the French version of a coffee house-picture outdoor patios in quaint little squares and small espressos, capuccinos and the odd pot of tea.

Except, I can make it at home. I can even give it a slightly more American twist and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and let it melt lazily into a slice taken hot from the oven. And it is just so easy to make, because you don’t even have to wash your food processor in between steps.

Without any further ado…I give you….

Please note that this recipe is by weight-I generally use my trusty cups that travel the world with my family and me, however I was on vacation when I made this and so weight is all I have.


Shortbread Crust


-120 g/4 oz butter, room temp.

-120 g/4 oz. powdered sugar

-4 egg yolks

-300 g/10.5 oz flour

-A pinch of salt

-140 g/5 oz. almond powder


Mix everything in a food processor and spoon into your greased pie plate. My recipe was a bit liquid for this to be called a true shortbread crust, but there was a definite difference in this and the almond cream-even when cooked. You could do this without a food processor, you would start by creaming the butter, sugar, vanilla, almonds and salt. Then you would add the eggs and end by slowly adding the flour.

Almond Cream

-180 grams/6.5 oz almond powder

-180grams/6.5 oz butter

-200 grams/7 oz. powdered sugar

-4 eggs


-Mix with a food processor and spoon and smooth over the pie crust. You can also do this without a food processor if you cream the butter, almond powder and powdered sugar first and add the eggs last, one by one.


4 large plums, 3 apples, enough fruit of your choosing to cover the top of the pie. Cut in slices. Then, distribute over the pie, using the picture as an example, or scattering in any way you wish.

Bake 25-30 minutes at 200°C/400°F, or until golden brown on top!

Serve with ice-cream or tea and enjoy




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