About the Chef



Welcome to Curried Cantaloupe! Wait, curried cantaloupe? That sounds disgusting! Why is someone who has a food blog talking about curried cantaloupe?!

Well, I thought the two words were the perfect embodiment of the person, the self-proclaimed foodie I was at the time this blog came to life.

You see, I’m just a Midwestern woman from a small town in Wisconsin. I grew up around hearty dishes that warm a soul on a cold winter day, family meals and lots of fried food-especially cheese (for which I will always hold a special place right at the bottom of my always-hungry stomach).

But then I moved to France and discovered a completely different way of eating. There were courses and time was taken both preparing for and getting through each dish. I then moved to Montreal and discovered that one could not only be vegetarian, but also thrive and discover new flavors every day. (I am no longer vegetarian, but still love me some chickpeas.) Fast forward to France: 2nd edition and my Mexican husband has been kind enough to give me the rare night off in the kitchen, and in doing so has opened my eyes to Mexican specialities. And our recent move to Chengdu, China has kept us on our culinary toes, where we have tried everything from tofu skin to pig brain (all right, this was in the same meal folks)!

So curried, because it’s an adventurous spice for someone from the heart of the USA-it represents my quest to learn about new cultures through different flavors, dishes and encounters with the people who know best…the locals!

Cantaloupe, because it was in France that I learnt to like this brightly colored, sweet fruit-or at least the French version and its significance is two-fold. I may be embarking on what feels like a new life, and I was definitely born and raised in the USA, but I matured into the adult I am today in France. A cantaloupe an a “melon” are both similar and quite distinct. And perhaps today, I have taken a bit of each-the cantaloupe and the “melon”.

But most importantly, when it comes to food, and really, any experience in life you are unsure about, I firmly believe that you should always try something three times…even when it sounds disgusting…so who knows, maybe I’ll even try my hand at curried cantaloupe sometime in the near future!

Anyway, take a look around. I will be adding recipes with influences from as many countries as I can, sometimes even from the good ol’ US of A, but at any rate, it doesn’t matter where you’re connecting from- I hope you’ll feel like you’ve taken a trip without ever having left the comforts of your own kitchen.

Bon voyage! Buen viaje! Have an excellent trip!