Honey Mustard Chicken Noodle Egg Drop Soup

After the whiz and whir of yesterday, Sunday was going to be a lazy day (not that that changes much from any other Sunday…luckily for me). I told myself I’d make crepes as a grande finale to the weekend and for a lovely Sunday brinner (breakfast for dinner) when my husband returned from work.

Today has been anything but lazy. My head is full of good recipe ideas limited only by my lack of ingredients. Side note: I promise, you won’t be hearing that for much longer…I’m a week away from ordering all sorts of baking supplies that will make you wave your hand under your nose so that the smells coming from my kitchen waft towards you. Anyway, I spent a small portion of my jam-packed Sunday jotting down recipe ideas.

And then we went grocery shopping. Mostly this was for Noah’s sweet tooth, okay it was also for mine…but I have wanted to make a delicious chicken broth soup and I needed noodles, too. The store was a success since I also walked away with a new flavor to try (deep fried chilies in oil and peanuts…) and coconut juice.

We made a stop at a children’s clothing store and I got to experience making a two year old try on sweaters for the first time, mostly since I can’t read the tags and communication with the ladies was in broken Chinglish. I lost the consumer battle with him and he walked away with some warm clothes AND a shiny, new McQueen backpack that looks just a wee bit too big on my little fella.

So, after my mission accomplished, I got home and cleared out the refrigerator to make chicken soup while he happily shoved things into the little tire pockets of his new toy. I found half of an onion, a spring onion (one-that would be the work of my husband playing chef), some ginger (okay, I knew I was going to find ginger since I try keeping that on hand pretty much all of the time) and a few lonely cloves of garlic.

I’m also not very patient, which is why soups usually aren’t my friend, and I had found mustard yesterday at Ikea. You may of course groan if you like, but I’ll take my victories where I can find them. I have searched high and low at all of the major food stores. Well, I was dying to find out what that mustard looked, and tasted, like. Was it European style-strong enough to bring tears to my eyes? Or would it be neon yellow and only dignified enough for a hot dog? FYI-it was a hybrid…just slightly sweet but an earthy Dijon yellow.


I decided to add a bit to the broth and see what would happen. Well, looking up at the shelf and a few teaspoons of odds’n’ends and you’ve got the reason I do love soups.

Obviously they warm the belly…and our living room and dining area have no heater, so a warm lunch was definitely in order. Along with pink reindeer slippers and a grandmotherly sweater. But you can take sole creative responsibility for just about any soup…quantities, shmantities (Okay, I’ll give you quantities)-no two soups are ever quite alike!

chicken noodle egg drop soup4 (1 of 1)

But I ended up loving this one. You should try it-which is obviously why I’m posting it! You’ll have dinner on the table in 30 minutes, it will be a fusion of flavors (Europe meets China?) and you can serve it plain or add a little kick…Check out the end of the recipe for my delicious add-on that is not for the faint of taste buds.

chicken noodle egg drop soup3 (1 of 1)

Oh, and if you are even the teensist bit patient, or you can plan your meals ahead of time and not on a whim that comes from hunger, panic, and being cold, like all soups, this one gets better after a few hours.

As a friendly reminder be sure to pick out your large ginger pieces… or to remember that you put large ginger chunks into your zippy fusioned soup. This seems to be a recurring problem with me…I accidentally had my son chewing the fibers with a very strange face while he ate my coconut cinnamon apple crepes at dinner. I thought he was taking an unusually long time to swallow his bite of soft, buttery apples…it was only when he proclaimed that it was icky (and ate another whole apple-filled crepe after that) that it struck me…poor thing. Anyway, you don’t want to be the ungracious host that overwhelms your guests (or children’s) palettes, so consider yourself reminded!


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