Spicy Lotus Root Salad

Spicy Lotus Root Salad

The quintessential summer vegetable is cucumber. Okay, maybe it’s tomatoes. Or corn on the cob. But the cucumber ranks pretty high on the list of vegetables I’ll eat almost any day of the summer. I like that they are light and refreshing and that they snap as you bite into [...]

Health-ier Double Choco Banana Oat Muffins

Healthier Double Choco Banana Oat Muffins

We’ve pretty much established that I love breakfast. And I’m not overly fussy about it either. Granted I love a fancy brunch with big western omelets and potatoes with a pancake or two and fruit salad. But, honestly. Slice up a bunch of baguette, provide me with a smorgasbord of [...]

Salt ‘n’ Vinegar Lotus Root Chips

Salt 'n' Vinegar Lotus Chips

Disclaimer everybody: You cannot find bags of lotus chips in the Chinese supermarkets. However, lotus root is a Chinese food find that I happen to be in love with. Why, you ask? Well, mostly because when eaten raw or slightly steamed, it’s got a pleasing crunch to it. Plus, it’s [...]

Ultimate Blog Challenge Kickoff!

ultimateblogchallenge pic

One of my major goals during my first year on the blogosphere is to meet new people and feel like I’m part of the “blogging community” in a general sense – and actually, while connecting with fellow food bloggers is generally “easier,” I’m just as happy to meet people outside of my niche. I’ve also [...]

Regular Ol’ Bread Recipe

Go To Bread Recipe

The first time I ever made bread was with my best friend, E. She’s a truly special friend, intuitive and encouraging. And it somehow seems fitting that I was in the kitchen with her even before I knew I loved food. Even more fitting that she was the first person [...]

Improv Challenge: Sausage Mushroom Meatballs

Sausage and Mushroom Meatballs

Western food.  I have a love-hate relationship with this word. On the one hand, you can lump together anything that isn’t Asian. Here in China, “Western food” can be tacos, spaghetti, pizza, or French wine. It’s all the same to them. But I am “Western.” I have lived in Europe. [...]

Blueberry Lemon Scones

Lemon Blueberry Scones

It was guilt central station this morning, as I woke up and realized it was Thursday. It was Thursday, and I had invited my colleagues over for dinner on Saturday after a work function and was just realizing that making 40 tortillas on the Friday before said work function was [...]

Coconut-doodledoo Sunrise Smoothies

Coco Orange Banana Smoothie

Our bodies work in mysterious ways. I feel like somewhere out here in the food blogosphere milky way (you know there is a Milky Way blogosphere for foodies, right? I mean it’s chocolate and caramel heaven or something, but I am convinced it exists. Read on…) we’re on synchronized cravings. [...]

Grown-Up Baked Chicken Fingers

Grown Up Baked Chicken Fingers

I’d love to say I needed to make these chicken fingers because my three year old hates anything with flavor and I was experimenting with disguising healthy foods. But I didn’t. My three year old loves green things…especially green onion and cilantro for some odd, odd reason. I gave him [...]

Blueberry Rose Petal Granola Recipe

Blueberry Rose Petal Granola

My little baby started pre-school today. And it felt momentous. He has bedding with little piggies on it and a backpack that we suppose says Jia Jia Kindergarten on it in Chinese characters and pinyin. He can say, ‘I am Noah’ and ‘I have to go to the bathroom’ in Chinese. Oh yes, and I [...]