#FoodieFriDIY no. 46

foodie fri diy 46

  Remember a couple weeks back when I told you all it was hot? Well, it got hotter. It was 100 and humid. Although, now that I’m almost over my sinus thing (there’s always a thing, right?), I think I don’t really care any more. I’ve gotta get back into the swing of things. Last […]

#FoodieFriDIY no. 45 School’s Out For the Summer

FoodieFriDIY 45 favorites curried cantaloupe

Yes it is. As of Wednesday, I was a free woman. And I meant to get in the kitchen to start blogging again, but it was 96  degrees here yesterday (and 92 the day before) and you must know by now that we share a love for food. I definitely love cooking. And while I […]

#FoodieFriDIY no.44 Summer Days


I know it’s technically not summer yet, but around these parts we’re roasting like corn about to be smothered in cream, sprinkled in chili and qotija, then spritzed with a bit of lime. And don’t I wish…summer has me craving avocado and elote around a family bonfire. At least it would make the heat wave […]

#FoodieFriDIY 43


I thought I’d stick with my study woes in this weekly edition of #FoodieFriDIY. Don’t worry, I’m almost there. I have 10 more days until my last project has been turned in and I can return MY focus to the good things in life…like food. And chocolate. Actually, I think chocolate could be vital to […]

#FoodieFriDIY no. 42


It’s almost Friday! My co-worker sang various song melodies, all with the lyrics…”only one more day” around the office today. I’m excited, because it means I get the weekend to work on school. In case you haven’t noticed…there have been no posts for the past week. Hopefully, I’ll get a picture or two of some […]

Mushroom Baozi

Baozi is one of the most delicious savory breakfasts you can imagine eating. This steamed bun is stuffed with mushrooms, Chinese pickles, seasonings, and a very delicious sauce. It's time to make your morning meal a little more interesting!

Does anyone else here barter with their significant other? A typical Sunday morning dialog in our room as we groggily open our eyes to our son’s bubbly face goes something like this: “Oh no…we don’t have any bread in the house.” “I think there is some flatbread in the freezer.” “Or you could go for […]

#FoodieFriDIY no. 41


I feel like every other week, I’m telling you I had one of those weeks! So, I won’t tell you that. Buuuuut, my son has been on antibiotics for over a month. We’ve been to the clinic three times. Last time they told us to stop coming back for his medication…and I could tell he […]

Dan Hong Gao (Sichuan Stuffed Pancakes)

This Chinese stuffed pancake is a pillowy snack that is filled with crushed peanuts, sesame seeds, and sugar. Pancakes at 4 PM anyone?

People often say that you get up on the right side of the bed…or the wrong side. I’m not buying it. Breakfast is what determines my state of mind for the day. Hurry me through my coffee (x2), give me a hot chocolate with no froth, serve me STALE baguette…and you’re bound to see a […]

#FoodieFriDIY no. 40

foodieFriDIY favoreits

Ooooh, #FoodieFriDIY is celebrating its 40th week! Awwww…you guys are awesome! You threw us a party and brought with you all your favorite food (and decorations) to boot?! (You do that every week you say? Shh…It’s okay, we’ll pretend you brought them to celebrate this special occasion!) Anyway, thank you guys for your support! We […]

#FoodieFriDIY no.39

spring time and peanut butter #FoodieFriDIY

Spring is my favorite season. Little green buds peaking out, birds twittering through the sky, cool air mixed with warm sunshine, a romp in the mud…well, maybe not that last one. It’s full of hope and a little breath of fresh air. And the other day, I more than happily gloated while posting a picture […]