Spicy Chipotle Yogurt Sauce

This smokey chipotle yogurt sauce is one my family can't live without. You can set this out with Mexican food, serve it with fries, on top of hot dogs, or as a spicy pizza base! This is a great way to spice up your next meal!

Secret sharing time everyone: I haven’t shared a lot of my family recipes with you yet. Gulp. I’m one of those people who gets bored quickly, so I suppose I enjoy getting in the kitchen and trying new recipes! But home isn’t just where the heart is. It’s also where the kitchen is! And being […]

#FoodieFriDIY no. 58

Foodie Fri DIY no 58 favorites

Where is the time going!? The good news is have a post ready to go – it just needs it’s final touches. And the even better news is that things are starting to fall into place for us here. I am getting a new car (the first brand-new car of my life) and checking out […]

#FoodieFriDIY no.57 Summer Fruit Edition

foodiefridiy summer fruit edition

Happy Friday wonderful people of the blogosphere! I have some really good news…I’m painting backdrops for my food photography. What food photography, you ask? (I know…there has been some serious radio silence from this side of things.) I’m finally getting back into the whole photography mindset. I even have a few recipes I’m really excited […]

#FoodieFriDIY no.56 Welcome Home Edition

foodiefridiy 56

This should be the “I´m back in the USA” post, and I am, but it just doesn´t feel right as I type up this post. As the weeks that led up to and came after our move to the US built up in my head, I had this vague notion of time and what I […]

#FoodieFriDIY Fourth of July Edition

#FoodieFriDIY Fourth of July Edition

First and foremost, Happy Fourth of July to all of you! Let there be family, friends, food, and fireworks galore for everyone…except me. Ok, and maybe a lot of other expats. I am missing 4th of July by 7 days. One week. And I’m willing to bet we’ll just barely miss the parades and most […]

30-Minute Mapo Tofu

This 30-Minute Mapo Tofu Recipe is bursting with texture and flavor. Here's a meal that's packed with calcium and protein that won't break the bank.

I find it strange that so many of the people I have met say that this is a dish that is hard to make. Not only is this a dish with humble origins, but rumor has it, an old, pock-marked lady created this dish upon being surprised with a visit from a hungry traveler who […]

#FoodieFriDIY no. 51

Our favorites from the last link up. Come join the fun, every Thursday at 9 PM EST! #FoodieFriDIY

Uh-oh. I am the grasshopper. Not, not a grasshopper. The grasshopper. You know, from the story about the ant and the grasshopper? The one where the ant works all summer so he has food for the winter and the grasshopper plays music and has fun until it gets cold and he has no food. Except, […]

Chengdu-Style Zha Jiang Mian

You may already know this dish's distant cousin who hails from Beijing. I'd like to introduce you to it's lesser known (but equally delicious) cousin who lives in almost every noodle shop in the area. Give Chengdu-Style Zha Jiang Mian a try. It's smooth, nutty aroma and slight spiciness are sure to give Beijing's treasure a run for its money!

Sometimes I don’t know how to translate my Chinese recipes. This is the perfect example of that. You see, on the menus in the local noodle shops, almost all of them have Za Jiang Mian, a delicious tossed noodle dish made with tahini paste (or unsweetened peanut butter), soy sauce, red oil, and a few […]

#FoodieFriDIY no.50

FoodieFriDIY no.50 favorites

I spent my evenings this week either practicing Chinese or perusing Chinese-language blogs, trying to understand how to make various recipes (as well as subtle differences in ingredient lists and such). I finally crossed off a recipe that has been on my list of recipes to develop for almost an entire year. (If you want […]

Pan-Fried Chinese Corn Cakes – YuMi BaBa

Pan-Fried Chinese Corn Cakes YuMi Baba (2 of 6)

Have you ever tried to learn how to cook authentic Chinese food from the Chinese internet?! I’m not asking to be pompous or anything. (I can totally see members of my family making fun of me sarcastically.) I actually have a really serious question for you if you have learnt how to cook authentic Chinese […]