#FoodieFriDIY no. 64 Fallin´for Fall

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I have taken a momentary break from my daily squirt of raspberry syrup and gone directly for the pumpkin spice. On the weekends, I wake up to the sounds of my mother baking in the kitchen – and that buttery, cinnamon monkey bread, moist apple cake (no, I don´t hate that word), and anything pumpkin […]

#FoodieFriDIY no. 62: Farewell to Summer

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Happy (almost) Friday! This week is all about saying good-bye to summer. So I thought I´d round up the last flavors of summer with things like burgers and grilled chicken, but transition into fall with tomato galette and even embrace the start of fall with things like roasted vegetables and apple beer cocktail creations! Have […]

#FoodieFriDIY no. 61 Meals on the Go

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Happy early weekend here you guys! I´m going to make this a short intro because I´ve got my boys playing Batman and Super Mario out in the yard and after picking our dinner greens I´m eager to spend at least 20 minutes with them playing before we get a bonfire going and have my brother […]

Grilled Pineapple Guacamole

Grilled Pinapple Guacamole - Learn how to make this amazing sweet and savory avocado dip and use it as a healthy snack idea or for Taco Tuesday!

I read somewhere that summer is officially over on the blogosphere. Someone shoot me with a water gun and say it isn’t so. Things have been so hectic over here I didn’t take full advantage of the long summer days, the bonfires, and the s’mores.   And while some people would celebrate getting a job […]

Blueberry Fig Newton Cookies

Crunchy out of the oven, these fresh, vibrant blueberry fig newtons soften up by the second day, leaving you with an amped up version of the store-bought.

Recipe creation is a journey for the food blogger. It starts with an idea – that “Aha!” moment you have as you’re scrolling Pinterest or watch Food Network where two ideas connect and you have your next culinary project. Sometimes it’s walking along a market and discovering an ingredient you can hardly pronounce and deciding […]

#FoodieFriDIY no. 59 Playing With Food

Except for the rain, I’m really happy as we head into this weekend. I don’t want to elaborate too much yet as many of the things that are making me happy are actually still in that “I don’t want to jinx myself yet” stage that is making me pause every few words as I type […]

Mashed Blueberry Almond Tapenade and Goat Cheese Crostini

Blending the summery flavors of the Mediterranean and the Midwest with the Mashed Blueberry and Almond Tapenade on Goat Cheese Crostini. It's a simple, light appetizer great for nights spent on the patio with a glass of wine.

There is this guy who drives a semi up and down the Midwest stopping at parking lots as he goes selling crates of Georgia peaches, Michigan blueberries, and pecans. He comes to our town 2 or 3 times a year. That is it. His peaches are sweet and juicy – the kind that results in […]

Spicy Chipotle Yogurt Sauce

This smokey chipotle yogurt sauce is one my family can't live without. You can set this out with Mexican food, serve it with fries, on top of hot dogs, or as a spicy pizza base! This is a great way to spice up your next meal!

Secret sharing time everyone: I haven’t shared a lot of my family recipes with you yet. Gulp. I’m one of those people who gets bored quickly, so I suppose I enjoy getting in the kitchen and trying new recipes! But home isn’t just where the heart is. It’s also where the kitchen is! And being […]

#FoodieFriDIY no. 58

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Where is the time going!? The good news is have a post ready to go – it just needs it’s final touches. And the even better news is that things are starting to fall into place for us here. I am getting a new car (the first brand-new car of my life) and checking out […]

#FoodieFriDIY no.57 Summer Fruit Edition

foodiefridiy summer fruit edition

Happy Friday wonderful people of the blogosphere! I have some really good news…I’m painting backdrops for my food photography. What food photography, you ask? (I know…there has been some serious radio silence from this side of things.) I’m finally getting back into the whole photography mindset. I even have a few recipes I’m really excited […]